Board and Shareholder Resolutions

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The Importance of Board and Shareholder Resolutions


What are they?

Ever wondered how businesses make critical decisions? Enter board and shareholder resolutions – the record behind every key business decision. These resolutions are formal documents that record decisions made by a company's board of directors or shareholders.


When to use them?

Deploy board resolutions when your executive team needs to green-light significant initiatives or alter company policies. Shareholder resolutions step in when it's time to bring investors into the decision-making fold or make changes which require shareholder approval under company law.


Key Purpose

These resolutions steer the company ship, authorise key actions like fundraising, new shareholders,  dividend distributions, and major contracts. They're the GPS for your corporate journey!


Key Elements

Think of board and shareholder resolutions as your business's official record-keepers. They detail the key content of any meeting or decision and document the nature of the approval for future audit and record keeping purposes.


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