The Problem With Free Templates

Damian's Story of Using Free Templates and AI-Generated Contracts

In this blog, one of our customers, Damian, tells us about the pitfalls he's encountered by using free online templates and AI-generated contracts.

My Journey to Finding the Perfect Contract Solution with Create My Contract

As a small business owner, I've always looked for ways to streamline operations and cut costs wherever possible. When it came to drafting contracts, I thought I had it figured by accessing free online templates and AI-generated documents. However, my experience proved otherwise.

The Appeal of Free Templates and AI-Generated Contracts

Initially, the appeal of free templates and AI-generated documents was undeniable. With just a few clicks, I had access to a wide range of contract templates that seemed to fit my needs. The AI-generated options even promised customisation based on my input, which sounded ideal for my business at this stage of its development.

The Nightmare Begins

It wasn’t long before I realised the limitations of these so-called solutions. The first major issue arose when I used a free template for a new client agreement. The contract was vague and lacked specific clauses relevant to our services. This oversight led to a significant dispute with the client over the scope of work and payment terms. The time and stress involved in resolving this issue were immense and put a strain on our business relationship.

The AI-Generated Document Disaster

Not deterred, I decided to give AI-generated documents a try. I assumed that the AI’s customisation would address the shortcomings of the free templates. Unfortunately, the AI-generated contract I used for a partnership agreement was filled with inaccuracies and ambiguous language. Worse yet, some clauses were not compliant with current legal standards, leaving us exposed to potential legal liabilities.

The Turning Point: Discovering Create My Contract

Frustrated and anxious about potential legal pitfalls, I decided to seek a more reliable solution. That’s when I discovered Create My Contract. From the moment I started using the platform, the difference was clear. The contracts are crafted by experienced lawyers, ensuring every document is legally sound and up-to-date with current regulations.

The Create My Contract Difference

The customisation options offered by Create My Contract are great for my needs. I can tailor each contract to fit the specific needs of my business and clients, ensuring clarity and common understanding from the start. The user-friendly interface makes the process straightforward, saving me both time and effort.

Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price

What’s truly remarkable is the affordability. I was initially worried about the cost of switching to a paid service, but Create My Contract offers incredible value. For a fraction of what traditional legal services would charge, I now have access to high-quality, customised contracts that give me peace of mind.

A Lesson Learned

My journey with free templates and AI-generated documents was a costly lesson. The hidden dangers of these “free” solutions nearly cost me my business. Create My Contract has transformed how I handle legal documentation, providing the reliability and expertise I need to protect my business.

If you’re a business owner struggling with inadequate contracts, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Switch to Create My Contract.